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Daily Archive: July 16, 2017

Hollywood best serial killer movies

The best thriller movies you can watch with your family is of serial killers. You can get all the thrilling moments in one movie. If this weekend you are looking for some best thrilling serial killing movie of all the time then here is the list.


When you see the serial killer movies then the common factor is that serial killer is always alone and they don’t have any friends which make them psycho. They start killing people and they start making it their habit.

The Snowtown murder is based on the unique plot which shows that the person who stays in people like to kill them and he just focuses on becoming the best killer around the country. You will enjoy the thrill in the movie.


If you are tired of watching thrilling movies all the time where one male is a serial killer and nothing new. Why in most of the movie’s male is a serial killer? What if you want to see a woman doing serial killing all around the place?

Monster is a movie in which you can see a woman killing people. Charlize Theron is a woman who is playing the role of the serial killer and for this role, she gained weight as well to fit in the character and to see herself as a perfect killer.


Zodiac is a thrilling movie to watch and unique as well because in this movie you will be able to see that in the end killer is not going to get an arrest. It all starts with the one letter and from this point, the movie starts getting adventurous.


For the people who want to see quick movies may find it boring but once you involve yourself in the story then you will feel like your time is flying and you don’t know why you like the story of the movie so much.


Amber Heard played the role of Mandy in this movie and you will enjoy the guessing game throughout the movie. In this movie, you will be able to witness the best scenes and how a pretty lady can be dangerous for you.

Till the climax, you will guess who is a killer and then you will come to know with a surprise. One by one you will see the teens are getting picked from the group and getting killed by the killer. This is one of the best female serial killers movies.


House of 100 corpses is also a female serial killer movie. The movie starts with the one murder accidentally and from there the habit of killing get started. You will enjoy the direction of the movie and how you can feel the reality of the scene.

House of 100 corpses is a perfect weekend movie you want to watch with your friends. You can see the beauty of the movie while you are expecting something great out of it.…