'Alien vs. Predator 2' Game Review

The game is split into three different campaigns the marine, the alien and the predator. Each section offers a unique gameplay style.

The marine campaign remains my favorite though, a well written, tense set of missions in which the player investigates something or another. The marine section is a terrifying

The one thing that surprised me about aliens versus predator 2 was that even 7 years after its initial release was that the game is still scary, well the marine section is.

The reason for the marine section remaining so scary and tense is because of two reasons it was extremely well scripted and secondly because of the motion tracker. The motion tracker is a brilliant gameplay device that any one who has seen the film can understand. The sheer terror when something causes the tracker to go off is unrivalled, it could be something as simple as a chain dangling in the wind or it could be something worse, a lot worse.

The Predator section I what you would expect if you have seen the films, A predator killing a bunch of humans from the weyland yutani corps. The predator campaign gives the player a god like complex as they walk around spearing aliens and sneaking up on unsuspecting humans, because of this the predator is the most fun to play as.

The Alien section is a totally different beast to the marine or predators and gives the player to climb walls, chew on civilians and generally be as feral and vicious as you want to be. The Alien section also boasts an amazing beginning mission with the player starting out as a face hugger on the lookout out for a human to face rape. Once you have impregnated the human, the player is forced to chew their way out of the victims chest (even more fun than it sounds) and then goes looking for a cat to munch.

The graphics might not be the prettiest around but they are still acceptable and are saved by the fact that large portions of the game take place in infrared or are set in a dark corridor. The gameplay is limited and shows some sign of age but this is to be expected. Unfortunately the alien and the predator campaigns become rather dull and repetitive over time and only the marine missions are worth completing.

If I had to describe "Alien versus Predator 2" in 3 words it would be this: “limited but terrifying”. The game is quite old but still very playable this means two things its very cheap and pretty much any pc can play it. Because of this the game is highly recommended and to be honest is still a hell of a lot better than the film.

Rating: 4/6

-- Review by Robert "Spartan" Bryden