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New Arrival Lineup From Horror Theater Video

September 25, 2006 -- Horror Theater Video has some new additions: 

AEROBICIDE (aka Killer Workout) - Two years ago, a young woman named Valerie was burned after entering a tanning salon. Now, her twin sister, Rhonda runs a local gym where all of a sudden, people are being murdered. (1986)

BACKWOODS- A hillbilly father and his idiot son terrorize and murder campers. (1987)

BLACK ROOM- In this perverse chiller, a disturbed brother and sister rent out a dark room, a supposedly safe space for swingers and philanderers to get their kicks. Unfortunately for the sexual adventurers, the brother Jason has a rare disorder that requires him to undergo frequent fresh blood transfusions. With his sister Bridget's aid, Jason spies on the activities in the black room, selecting ideal candidates for forced transfusions. (1984)

BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS- Slip, Sach and the rest of the Bowery Boys enter a haunted house, where they engage in slapstick with a gorilla, a robot and a vampire. (1954)


DEATH SPA (aka Witch Bitch) - Michael's health club is besieged with a series of terrible murders involving killer saunas and other grisly devices. Michael's wife killed herself a while before and her brother holds Michael responsible. (1988)

DEATH STEPS IN THE DARK - Excellent giallo from director Maurizio Pradeaux.  An Italian reporter is traveling on the Instanbul-Athens train. A woman is murdered with the reporter's letter-opener, so that makes him the main suspect. With the help of his Swedish girlfriend he starts investigating in order to prove his innocence, and find out who the real killer is. Dubbed in English, with Dutch subtitles.  (1977)

DEATH WALKS IN HIGH HEELS-  Uncut Italian Language print w/English subtitles. A famed jewel thief is slashed to death on a train. His daughter Nicole, a famous nightclub performer in Paris, is questioned by the police about some missing diamonds but she claims to know nothing. Nicole is then terrorized by a masked man with piercing blue eyes who demands to know where her father has hidden the stolen diamonds.    (1972) 

DOCTOR VAMPIRE- Chinese Language w/English subtitles. Bowie Lam plays a doctor, who after stumbling upon an old castle whilst visiting England, becomes captivated by the beauty of Ellen Chan. He doesn’t realize at first that she is a vampire, until she bites him. He then returns to Hong Kong and causes all sorts of problems in the hospital he works at. Doctor Vampire is a unique take on the vampire genre. It's really great stuff -- a fine mix of horror and comedy in the vein of Evil Dead 2. (1990)

FANTOM KILER- Polish Language w/English subtitles. Fantasy and reality become blurred as a misogynistic, masked killer ritually stalks and kills beautiful women who he has encountered previously. (1998)

FINAL STAB- Angela's sister wants to surprise her with a revenge game, inviting her old friends to a mysterious farm to participate in a game with fake blood and knifes - but Angela and her disturbed boyfriend Charlie were not supposed to know about the fake part. But what starts as a friendly game, get dark and bloody with real deaths - and sure, real blood and knifes. (1991)

GAS HOUSE KIDS IN HOLLYWOOD- The Gas House Kids go to Hollywood, where they become entangled with a mad scientist while attempting to find a lost treasure in a haunted house. (1947)

HITCH-HIKE- LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT- No relation to the original "Last House". A bickering couple driving cross-country pick up a murderous hitchhiker whom threatens to kill them unless they take him to a sanctuary, and in return agrees to split some bank loot he has on him. (1977)

ISLE OF DARKNESS (MORKETS OY)- Norwegian film w/English subtitles. Julie is a young teacher from Copenhagen looking for adventure. Tired of city life and her cheating boyfriend, she takes a job teaching on an idyllic island. Julie is not accepted into the sheltered island community. The town simpleton, Lars, follows and frightens her. She discovers that the previous teacher hung himself and no one knows why. There is something cold, evil and eerie about this idyllic island. (1997)

LEECH WOMAN- A faded beauty leaves a trail of murder from Africa to the United States when she discovers a compound that will restore her lost youth--when consumed with fluid from the pineal gland of the newly dead. (1960)

MOLE PEOPLE- Archaeologists stumble upon a race of albinos living under the earth. They are afraid of light of any kind and keep mutant humanoid mole men as their slaves. (1956)

NEUTRON VS DR. CARONTE- Spanish Language. Neutron, a superhero/wrestler, goes up against a mad scientist and his army of monsters. (1963)

SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH- On a honeymoon in Switzerland, a young couple is terrorized by the husband's old friend, who considers him the killer of a previous girlfriend.  Suspenseful giallo starring Carroll Baker.  Dubbed in English, with Greek subtitles.  (1968) 

THE IMMORTALIZER- A crazed scientist sends out his mutant creations to kidnap young, beautiful men and women to bring back to his lab so he can transplant their brains into the bodies of old, wealthy people. (1991)

UNHUMAN- Thai Language w/English subtitles. When a sudden meteor shower rains down upon the lush Thai jungle, the astronomical phenomenon triggers a series of earthly events. Clues begin pointing to an evil scientist dabbling in the black-market human-organ trade. A police detective and a genetics expert investigate the murders--only to discover that the real killers may not be of this earth. (2004)

URBAN FLESH- Four cannibals hunting in the city. One cop out to stop them. The nightmare of every regular citizens... Inspector Vincent Blake is in charge of capturing a group of cannibal murderers who wander in the city looking for new victims. As Blake is getting closer to the criminals, the tables turn and the hunter becomes the hunted. (1999)

VAMPIRO, GUERRERO DE LA NOCHE- Spanish Language. Mexican Wrestler Vampiro Canadiense is fighting in the main event. However we do notice two lady fans of Vampiro enjoying the show. The girls are sitting with a very evil looking dude. What proves to be evil about the man is the strange metal glove he's wearing on his left hand. The glove seems to have a power over Vampiro, and with a twist of his wrist Vampiro collapses in the ring. The crowd panics and Vampiro is lead out of the ring on a stretcher. But before Vampiro is brought to the hospital, his body is kidnapped by the evil man and the two women. (1992)

ZIPPERFACE- Move over, Leatherface! Here comes Zipperface, one of the meanest maniacs to ever grace the movies. He's the psychopath terrorizing, then murdering, the city's prostitutes, and the case is being investigated by the town's first female detective. (1992)

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