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'Return to the House on Haunted Hill' Strikes Stores This Week!
Jeffrey Combs is back in the sequel to one of 1999's best horror movies. The legacy of terror at the House on Haunted Hill began in 1931 when sadistic doctor Richard Vannacutt and his staff died in a fiery inferno caused by a patient uprising at his hilltop asylum. Rumors persist for decades that the building is haunted by the spirits of those who died there. The horror continues when Billionaire Theme Park Mogul Steven Price and his guests are gruesomely slaughtered at a party in the refurbished mansion in 1999. Though the authorities blame Price for the murders, survivor Sara Wolfe claims that ghosts were responsible for the brutal deaths.

Eight years later, Sara’s sister, Ariel Wolfe, is a successful editor at a men’s fashion magazine. Her hectic schedule leaves no time for a personal life, let alone her family. Ariel is distraught when she learns from police that Sara has killed herself. However not all the facts add up, and she begins to suspect there was more to Sara’s death – and that her sister was trying to contact her before she died. Ariel’s fears are confirmed when she receives a strange book in the mail, sent by Sara shortly before her apparent suicide.

Archeologist Richard Hammer reveals that the book is in fact the diary of Vannacutt, the cruel doctor who ran the hill house asylum. Sara had been helping Richard decode the diary, hoping that its passages would lead to the location of the ancient Baphomet idol, an occult demonic statue hidden somewhere inside the house. Sara believed that the idol was the source of the house’s evil. Richard and his team, grad students Michelle and Kyle, plan to enter the house and search for the idol.

Ariel wants no part of it, but soon becomes ensnared in the macabre treasure hunt when she is kidnapped and taken to the Vannacutt mansion by Desmond Niles and his mercenaries, who are also after the priceless idol.

However, once inside they become trapped, and Ariel and the others come face to face with the terror that dwells within the House on Haunted Hill.

Due to hit Blu-ray and HD DVD on October 16 (day-and-date with the standard-def DVD), the next-gen versions of 'Return to House on Haunted Hill' will be the first-ever to boast Warner's new "Navigational Cinema" technology, allowing users to chose between dozens of different storylines for a truly interactive viewing experience.

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