Cover Art, Details on Uncut 'My Bloody Valentine' DVD   

November 25, 2008 It's been the stuff of legend. The pretty bad 1980s slasher "My Bloody Valentine" was badly truncated for its theatrical release, with a lot of the gore scenes that turned up in magazines like Fangoria totally cut out of the released film. An uncut version never saw the light of day. Click here for our brief review of the original.

This January, at long last, the uncut version of "My Bloody Valentine" looks set to be unleashed to the world. It should be fun to see, although the movie was simply so weak that it's hard to imagine that the addition of some gore is really going to improve things all that much.

January 13 is the date the moldie oldie hits the streets courtesy of Lionsgate, in time for the January 16 release of Patrick Lussier's "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" in theaters.

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