'Deep Red' Gets Ultimate Edition Treatment   

November 26, 2008 For enthusiasts of Dario Argento, this is great news. The arguably superior shortened, English-language cut of "Profondo Rosso" (aka "Deep Red") is finally being released on DVD in Anamorphic widescreen -- but it's in Denmark!

Oh well. Nothing a little EBay can't fix. Actually, this upcoming DVD release of the film from Another World Entertainment is an 'ultimate edition', featuring both the extended Italian version and the shorter (some might argue tighter) English language version.

Disc 1 will feature the 126-minute Italian director's cut. In a slight bummer, commentary won't be from Argento himself but by a Danish Argento expert: Thomas Rostock.

Disc 2 will feature the short 105 minute "international version" of the film. Now this version has been on public domain discs for quite some time, but never in widescreen. There will also be the 60-minute Argento documentary "An Eye for Horror" on this disc, plus lobby cards, posters, etc.

All in all, a must for true fans of Argento.

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