January 2009 DVD and Blu-Ray Preview   

January 5, 2009 Now that we're past the holidays, horror films are finally getting released to DVD again on a pretty regular basis. The New Year is getting off to a lively start with "Eden Lake," an excellent horror movie from the producers of "The Descent" -- review here -- and "Alphabet Killer," the new horror movie from the director of "Wrong Turn". Also out this Tuesday is "Midnight Movie," a great little horror movie -- review here.

"The Wicker Man" is getting released on DVD again from Lionsgate on January 6. That would be the 1973 version with Christopher Lee -- not the bad remake with Nicolas Cage. This is also apparently the shortened 88-minute cut of the film.

Next week, January 13, we're getting the much-hyped "Tokyo Gore Police," Alex Aja's mixed bag of a horror movie "Mirrors" -- review here -- and an uncut version of "My Bloody Valentine" -- the original. More on that release later. It's definitely worth getting.

On January 20, Anchor Bay is unleashing "Cold Prey," the Euro horror film that has received plenty of positive buzz and already has a swequel in the works. Lionsgate is releasing the cult musical "Repo The Genetic Opera" that day too -- along with "Saw V."

The big release on that day may be the anthology horror film "Amusement" which has been awaiting release for a long time now.

On January 27, things get really exciting, with the classic Italian TV series from Dario Argento -- "Door into Darkness" -- finally getting its due with a U.S. DVD release. That same day, Blue Underground unleashes "Dead and Buried" -- review here -- on Blu-Ray for the very first time. And Dark Sky is releasing the 1977 anthology horror "Dead of Night". Legendary producer-director Dan Curtis, of Dark Shadows, The Night Stalker fame, presents a thrilling trilogy of spell-binding stories with mystery-horror writer Richard Matheson -- the guy who wrote I Am Legend, much of the original The Twilight Zone and some of the best Roger Corman Poe films.

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