'Last House on the Left' Remake Trailer   

January 8, 2009 Well, it's here. Proof that they are remaking every major horror classic from the VHS era. Here's The trailer for the "Last House on the Left" remake!

I dunno. It doesn't come close to capturing the terror of the original. But we'll all see it anyway.

The movie tells the story about two girls who are brutally raped and attacked by a gang of sadistic thugs. The two parents of one the girls, soon seek bloody, sadistic revenge. Stars Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie), Martha MacIsaac (Superbad), Monica Potter (Saw), Tony Goldwyn (The Last Samurai), Riki Lindhome (Pulse), Garret Dillahunt (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles) and more. Due for release April 2009.

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