New Photos From 'Screamers - The Hunting'   

January 11, 2009 One of the best, forgotten horror movies of the 1990s was "Screamers" -- a horror sci-fi film that deserved a lot more attention. Now, it's getting a direct-to-DVD sequel, "Screamers: The Hunting" and here are the first photos.

Directed by Sheldon Wilson and starring Lance Henriksen, the film finds a group of humans from Earth who arrive on Sirius 6-B to investigate an SOS signal sent out from the planet, which has been supposedly deserted since the destruction of the man-made weapons known as "screamers." Once the squad arrives, they find a group of human survivors eking out an existence in an old military outpost, but more important, they discover that the threat of the screamers has become even more insidious, now that they're able to morph into human form. Look for it on DVD in 2009. I'm not sure on the U.S. DVD date, but it hits stores in the UK March 23.

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