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January 25, 2009 Here are news snippets from the horror movie world for last week, including word on "Hatchet 2," a sequel to "The Amityville Horror" remake, the arrival of "Slaughter High" on DVD, and a new Stephen King novel.

Weekly Horror Memeorandum for the Week Ending January 23:

Interviewed by Irish TV, producers Paul Valentine and Joe ondren let slip that Brendan Foley's horror movie "Bog Bodies," starring Vinnie Jones, is being released by Lionsgate in the U.S. .... Adam Green has confirmed to Bloody Disgusting that a "Hatchet 2" sequel is in the works and some poster art emerged on his MySpace page. ....

"The Haunting of Molly Hartley" has been bouncing around its DVD date for a while. It's now set for release February 24, a bit earlier than the March 3 date it had originally been slated for courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment. Variety reports that Charisma Carpenter, Ricci Harnett and Justin Hawkins are set to star in "Vivid," a horror movie being produced by UK production company Red Sparrow.

The new movie sequel to 2005's "Amityville Horror" remake has a title: It's called "The Amityville Tapes." "13 Ghosts" scribe Neal Marshall Stevens is penning the script. Presumably it's based on more of the ideas from the original "true story" book by Jay Anson. ... Brian Corder has completed his horror movie "Carnies," starring Reggie Bannister and Doug Jones. It's about a murder spree among the freaks at a carnival back in the Depression era. ...

A new Stephen King novel is due to hit bookstores this November. It's called "Under the Dome" and originally it apparently had the title "The Cannibals." King has described it as a story that "concerns itself with how people behave when they are cut off from the society they've always belonged to." ...

1987's slasher "Slaughter High" is finally making its way to DVD courtesy of Lionsgate, which is releasing it as part of a 'Lost Collection' of what Lionsgate describes as "The Best Movies You Totally Forgot About." Caroline Munro starred in this very moldy oldie about a slasher at a high school reunion. The film was actually shot in the UK with the actors faking American accents so it could play in the U.S. market.

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