A Tribute to Bob Wilkins   

January 26, 2009 Davd Del Valle over at Cinefantastique wrote what may be the best tribute to the late "Creature Features" host Bob Wilkins to appear anywhere yet.

Bob Wilkins was a unique horror movie host in that he avoided that sort of camp stuff. Bob wore a suit and tie and sat in a yellow rocking chair on a small modest set. He would simply rock back and forth, smoking his cigar and lamenting whatever he was asked to introduce as the evening’s feature. He did this every Saturday night - on his own most of the time, but he would try to have guests to interview if he thought they could add something to the witches’ brew he was serving up on Creature Features.

Click here for it.

Meanwhile, the official Bob Wilkins site reports there will be two tribute shows in Northern California for the late horror show host. "There are two tribute shows for the fans in the works, one in the Bay Area and one in Sacramento. We'll be showing rare 16mm film from Bob's archives along with personal memorabilia like the Captain Cosmic costume. This will probably happen in March, but there are no other details at this time, so check back later for more info."

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