News Briefs: 'Wizard of Gore' to DVD, '28 Weeks' Wins Big   

October 23, 2007 First up, Jeremy Kasten's "Wizard of Gore" remake now has a distributor. Dimension Films is sending it to DVD as part of its "Extreme" label.

To read our interiew with Kasten in the eSplatter archives, click here. ...

"28 Weeks Later" won the Best Horror Movie Award from Spike TV's Scream Awards. Av very well desered honor to put it mildly. Why this film wasn't a huge box office smash is beyond me. ...

A fellow named Toby Wilkins is directed "The Grudge 3," third entry in the PG-13 franchise. ...

"Magic" star Anthony Hopkins has two new roles that should interest horror fans. He's playing Benicio Del Toro's Dad in the upcoming "Wolf Man" remake. Meanwhile, he's also set to play Alfred Hitchcock in a bio pic.

And "30 Days of Night" was Number One at the box office oer the weekend, although its take nonetheless disappointed some observers.

Here's a trailer for "Frontier(s)," which is playing the After Dark Horror Fest, November 9-18.

Meanwhile, they've also just posted a "Psycho"-trailer for the AfterDark Horror fest. Check it out below.

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