February -- The Month Ahead in DVD   

February 10, 2009 This is a very busy month for DVD, especially because of the "Friday the 13th" season. Of course, the special edition DVDs from Paramount are already in stores -- with the first ever Blu-Ray release for the original "Friday".

Also hitting stores in February is Sony PIctures' direct-to-DVD Steven Seagal vampire-action epic "Against the Dark." "Dorothy Mills" hits stores this Tuesday from the Weinstein Company, along with the much anticipated Bruce Campbell comedy "My Name Is Bruce." The director of "Shrooms" followed up that title with "Red Mist," hitting stores today from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Two TV seasons are hitting shelves as well. The second season of "Friday the 13th: The Series" streets today along with the first season of "Tales From the Darkside," the George Romero production from the 1980s.

On February 17, Warner unleashes "Alien Raiders." The horror host documentary "American Scary" hits stores, as does the Clive Barker adaptation "Midnight Meat Train" and the "Rec" remake "Quarantine." Direct-to-DVD offerins "Feast III" and "Screamers: The Hunting" hit stores the same day.

Things get even better for classic horror fans on February 24, with the first ever Blu-Ray releease of Dario Argento's "Bird With the Crystal Plumage" from Blue Underground (review here), a new release of "Last House on the Left" (review here) from MGM and Redemption USA's new upgrade for Jean Rollin's "Requiem for a Vampire" (review here).

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