Williamson Plans New 'Scream' Trilogy   

February 24, 2009 Remember Kevin Williamson from the 1990s? The guy who wrote "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer"? Well, Rope of Silicon has discovered the writer has proposed a new "Scream" trilogy to Dimension -- that would be "Scream 4", "5" and "6." Apparently Williamson hadn't heard that the best way to make horror movie money these days was with remakes.

Information on his plans came in the form of an internal document from the William Morris agency which was then published by Rope of Silicon. Meanwhile, Craven has indicated he could return if the right script were in place and the money was right.

A "Scream 4" reportedly would feature a young new cast, with cameos from old cast members like Neve Campbell.

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