'My Bloody Valentine' to Strike Blu-Ray   

February 25, 2009 Not all horror remakes are bad. In fact, "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" was actually a better film than the original. Good news is the film is slated for a May 26 release on Blu-Ray by Lionsgate, ESplatter has learned. What isn't known is whether it will be featured in 3-D or not.

"Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D" just was released by Paramount, and although the 3-D isn't spectacular on DVD, it isn't bad. It would be interesting to see what they could pull off with Blu-Ray. Unfortunately, "My Bloody Valentine" will never look as awesome in 3D on any home system as it did in the theater (as our review can attest), so it truly deserves multiple theatrical re-releases. Heck, if I were in charge of Lionsgate, I'd never release the film to DVD or Blu-Ray and simply re-release it to theaters every couple of years.

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