Teens Line Up for 'Cabin in the Woods'   

March 10, 2009 Directed by Drew Goddard, who wrote "Cloverfield", "Cabin in the Woods" is already shooting in Vancouver and has a release date set for Feb. 5, 2010. Today, the Hollywood Reporter revealed who's in the teen cast of the Joss Whedon-penned film.

Kristen Connolly ("Revolutionary Road", "The Happening"), Chris Hemsworth ("Star Trek"), Anna Hutchison ("Underbelly"), Fran Kranz ("The Village") and Jesse Williams ("The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2") are joining Richard Jenkins ("The Visitor") and Bradley Whitford ("Bottle Shock") in the cast of hot young people.

The storyline of the film is top secret, but with Whedon writing and Goddard directing, the film is hotly anticipated.

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