New Title for Rob Zombie's 'H2'   

March 15, 2009 Rob Zombie's formerly titled "H2" sequel to his "Halloween" remake now has a better title: "Halloween - The Devil Walks Among Us." Also, Margot Kidder, of "Black Christmas" and original "Amityville Horror" fame, has joined the cast.

Zombie writes on his blog: "Margot Kidder has joined Halloween - The Devil Walks Among Us as Laurie Strode's therapist Barbara Collier."

I like the new title. It makes it sound like less a remake of "Halloween II" and more of just an entry in the franchise. Hopefully that's what it will be more of.

In addition to Kidder, another boy has taken over the role of "young Michael" from Daeg Faerch who grew too old for the role. Chase Wright Vanek will play the role in flashback footage.

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