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March 16, 2009 One of the best horror movies to hit DVD this month was the Dimension Extreme release of "In 3 Tagen bist du tot", or "Dead in 3 Days" as it's known in the U.S. (check out our review here). ESplatter was lucky enough to chat with Andreas Prochaska, director of this great Austrian horror movie, which was such a big success in Europe that it already has a sequel.

ESplatter: What was the genesis of 'Dead in 3 Days'? Were you just talking one day and decided to make a horror movie?

I shot my first feature in 1998, it was a movie for kids, and after that I always wanted to make a horror movie, because there is no tradition of genre movies in Austria.

I was developing a story with different writers for several years, but then a Spanish film (Darkness) came up with almost the same plot, so I threw it all away and started over. I´m not a classical horror film nerd, but for a movie director the its the most cinematic genre.

I was having a conversation with an producer with whom I shot something for TV, and he was also interested in producing a genre movie. So we met a writer and started to develop a storyline, with water as a key element.

ESplatter: The best horror seems to be coming out of Europe these days? Any idea why you guys are doing better than the U.S. studios?

I just can speak for myself, I tried to create authentic characters in a real world, in a lot of US films the characters are stereotypes with no soul.

ESplatter: Your film seems very similar to "I Know What You Did Last Summer" -- only better. Was that intentional?

Thanks. I stole from a lot of movies, the intention of DI3D was never to be very original in the first place, for me it was a kind of experiment. What happens if I take classical US slasher elements and put them into a small town on an Austrian lake. The actors speak an Austrian dialect that´s sometimes hard to understand for a German audience. But the Austrian kids could identify with the actors on screen.

ESplatter: What other horror films have influenced your filmmaking style?

I really like films of the 70s like Deliverance, The Exorcist or the Shining but also Films like Fargo, The Insider or 21 Grams were inspiring

ESplatter: How does 'Dead in 3 Days 2' pick up after the last one? Is it a direct sequel?

The Sequel starts one and a half year after the incidents of the first film. Nina - the main character of the 1st film - is now in Vienna and she gets a disturbing phone call from her friend, crying for help. She tries to find her, and its a quest that leads her to a remote farm in the snowy mountains. Its not one of those sequels that’s just a variation of the original, it’s a totally different story, a mix of road movie, mystery thriller, snow western and pure survival horror.

ESplatter: Are there plans for an American remake to your film?

There was one producer who was interested, but it would be kind of absurd, because for me its an Austrian cover version of an US slasher.

ESplatter: What are some of the future projects you have on your plate?

I´m just working on a comedy, very funny stuff.

Check out the official "Dead in 3 Days Part 2" official Web site here.

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