'Thing' Script Finished   

March 17, 2009 Ronald Moore, best known to sci-fi fans as "Battlestar Galactica" writer, has been commissioned to write the script for Universal's "Thing" prequel. Here's what he had to say to Sci-FI Wire about the progress on his script.

"I was working on The Thing. I finished. I did my last draft a few weeks ago and turned it in. They [Universal Pictures] seem happy. They have a director assigned, and we'll wait to see when and if they green-light it.

Well, the idea was to make a companion piece to Carpenter's. ... I started on the project with the feeling that Carpenter's version is just an amazing piece of work. It's a great film, and we really wanted to honor that version.

We wanted a piece that would link up to [the Carpenter film] and not supplant it. So we didn't try to sort of completely reinvent what it was. We wanted a movie that would sort of live alongside it.

Sounds excellent! Matthijs Van Heijningen is directing the prequel, which will focus on the Norwegian camp that was hunting the dog at the beginning of John Carpenter's "The Thing."

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