New Vampire Comic to Film -- Paramount Producing 'Damn Nation'   

March 20, 2009 "Damn Nation," published by Dark Horse Comics in 2005, is now set to become a Paramount movie. Here's what the comic book was about, according to

The United States is shut off from the world by concrete barricades and barbed wire - not because of what might get in, but what might get out. A vampire plague has spread from sea to shining sea and when a small holdout of scientists trapped outside of Buffalo, N.Y. discover a cure, it's up to a Special Ops team from the President's current offices in London to go in and get it. Yet, not everyone in the world wants to see America back in the saddle again ...

The film is being written by Andrew Crosby.

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New Vampire Comic to Film -- Paramount Producing 'Damn Nation'
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