'Children of the Corn' Hits Blu-Ray July 28   

March 23, 2009 In 1984, a film adaptation of a chilling short story by horror master Stephen King launched a film franchise that continues to this day. Granted, its sequel was better.

But now, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the original "Children of the Corn" and just in time to welcome the upcoming remake, Anchor Bay Entertainment announces the July 28 release of the original "Children of the Corn" on Blu-ray. Not only will fans see and hear this ‘80s shocker classic like never before, this Blu-ray edition contains all the supplements from the previous DiviMax DVD, as well as nearly an hour of newly-produced high-definition bonus features, with all-new, never-before-seen interviews with the cast and crew – created exclusively for this release.

Produced by Donald P. Borchers (who is helming the 2009 remake) and directed by Fritz Kiersch, "Children of the Corn stars" '80s sensations Linda Hamilton (Terminator) and Peter Horton (“thirtysomething”) as a young couple who find themselves stranded in the isolated community of Gatlin, Nebraska. They soon discover that all of the town’s adults have been slaughtered by a twisted religious cult of children led by the enigmatic Isaac (John Franklin) who worship a mysterious cornfield deity. A deadly race for survival begins –can these adults escape a town where the innocent become zealots and offer blood sacrifices to He Who Walks Behind The Rows?

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