Should You 'Let the Right One In' in the U.S.?   

March 24, 2009 Icons of Fright published an amazing article identifying severe problems with the "Let the Right One In" DVD and Blu-Ray just released by Magnolia.

Unfortunately, the subtitles have been changed from the version that played theaters -- and even the version released to reviewers as a screener copy. In short, if you speak Swedish, the version released to DVD and Blu Ray is the same. But otherwise, the subtitles have been dumbed down and the film shouldn't be watched.

The original screener attributes that the subtitles were done by Ingrid Eng. (Multiple kudos to Miss Eng for doing an amazing job.) My guess is that in order to re-use them for the American version of the DVD, Magnolia/MAGNET probably had to pay Ingrid again for her services. Rather then do that, perhaps they hired someone else to do the translations for real cheap.

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