Guillermo del Toro Readies 'Mimic: Director's Cut'   

April 1, 2009 Update: Turns out this was a Twitch Film April 1 hoax. I thought this guy was busy enough already! Guillermo del Toro has found time between readying "The Hobbit" and his enormous H.P. Lovecraft movie to put together a "director's cut" of his 1990s Mira Sorvino creature feature "Mimic".

TwitchFilm scored this early DVD artwork for the release. Del Toro wasn't able to make the movie he originally wanted when Dimension tapped him to direct the film the first time around. Now, however, he's such a huge name that he was able to get his final cut 12 years after the original release.

As reported at Twitch:

Hot on the heals of the news that Guillermo Del Toroís first feature Cronos was being re-released on DVD by none other than the Criterion collection word came, and a purdy picture as well that Del Toroís first Hollywood film, the much maligned Mimic was slithering up from the sewers in the form of a spiffy new Directorís Cut. Itís been known that Del Toro has been working on this title for some time now, using his own copy of his version he has on tape as a blue print but a date has never been set in stone. Well now the date has been set, Juli 8th ...

This is a good thing too, because "Mimic," I don't believe, doesn't even have an anamorphic DVD in release -- it came out so long ago.

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