DVD News: 'Torso', 'Island of the Fishmen', 'Horrible' Get Release Dates   

April 6, 2009 Starring Ms. Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach, in her greatest horror role, "Island of the Fishmen" saw a VHS release in the U.S. under the title "Screamers." Long unavailable, the film is finally getting a proper DVD release from Mya Communications on June 30. Mya Communications is proving itself to be an awesome label, already having announced "Legend of Blood Castle" for May. The company is also releasing Joe D'Amato's "Horrible" on June 30 too.

Meanwhile, Blue Underground, which hasn't announced too much unreleased horror lately, is re-releasing the sick giallo "Torso" to DVD June 28 from a newly mastered print. This film was on DVD a while back. Expect the best picture quality for this 1973 sickie. Read our review of the VHS(!) here.

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