The Best in Horror Movies: 2001-2008   

April 8, 2009 As ESplatter is entering its 10th year, it seemed like a good time to look back at what our readers have voted the Top 10 best movies as far back as there are records.

Well, we've been asking readers for their picks since at least 2002, when "Frailty" managed to beat out the competition and get named best of the year. Looking back, it's hard not to notice how much the horror landscape has changed. Heck, "Freddy vs. Jason" is now an old movie.

The relevant horror movie scene has definitely become more European -- most notably French -- the last several years. And many great more titles have become direct-to-DVD. In '01, we didn't have a readers poll, just editor's picks. I put these in the list just for old time's sake.

Best of 2008

1. Frontiere(s)
2. Cloverfield
3. Let the Right One In
4. The Signal
5. Inside
6. The Strangers
7. Diary of the Dead
8. Jack Brooks Monster Slayer
9. Baby Blues
10. The Ruins

Best of 2007

1. Grindhouse
2. The Mist
3. 28 Weeks Later
4. Hatchet
5. Hostel Part II
6. The Host
7. Resident Evil Extinction
8. Halloween 2007
9. 1408
10. Saw IV

Best of 2006

1. The Descent
2. Hills Have Eyes
3. Hostel
4. Saw III
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning
6. Pan's Labyrinth
7. Slither
8. Silent Hill
9. Hard Candy
10. Feast

Best of 2005

1. The Devil's Rejects
2. Land of the Dead
3. Saw II
4. Amityville Horror
5. House of Wax
6. High Tension
7. Exorcist The Beginning
8. Wolf Creek
9. Cry Wolf
10. Dead Birds

Best of 2004

1. Shaun of the Dead
2. Saw
3. Dawn of the Dead remake
4. The Grudge
5. The Machinist
6. Alien vs. Predator
7. Open Water
8. Passion of the Christ
9. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
10. Seed of Chucky

Best of 2003

1. Freddy vs. Jason
2. 28 Days Later
3. House of 1000 Corpses
4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
5. Identity
6. Wrong Turn
7. Cabin Fever
8. May
9. Jeepers Creepers 2
10. Final Destination 2

Best of 2002

1. Frailty
2. The Ring
3. Dog Soldiers
4. Jason X
5. Blade 2
6. Resident Evil
7. Queen of the Damned
8. Halloween Resurrection
9. Dagon
10. Eight Legged Freaks

Best of 2001 - Editor's Picks

1. Ginger Snaps
2. The Devil's Backbone
3. The Others
4. Jeepers Creepers
5. Session 9
6. Shadow of the Vampire
7. 13 Ghosts
8. Sleepless
9. Ghosts of Mars
10. Spiders

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