Vintage Horror on the Big Screen -- Catch 'Terror Circus' April 17 and 18 in Seattle   

April 13, 2009 To celebrate the April release date of the official DVD of "Terror Circus", Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle will be playing the '73 horror film at 11PM April 17 and 18.

Three showgirls are on their way to Las Vegas to hit the big time. Soon after leaving a desolate gas station in the middle of the desert their car breaks down. Luckily (?) for them the three women are saved by a seemingly nice guy named Andre. He takes the three lovely ladies back to his house. There they soon learn that Andre isn't such a nice guy as they become new additions to his perverted circus of captive women! Tortured and abused they must escape Andre's grasp or die one by one.

The new "Terror Circus" DVD release has been mastered in Hi-Def from the original camera negatives. This is the best this film will ever look, and it has been properly presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and in 16x9. Special features include an on-camera interview with star Jennifer Ashley, make-up effects artists Doug White and Byrd Holland, costume designer Alan Apone, and producer Marvin Almeas; as well as an audio commentary with White and Holland.

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