'Black Devil Doll 2' to Be Set in Space!   

April 27, 2009 eSplatter had the pleasure of catching a screening of "Black Devil Doll" over the weekend. Great movie! Look for our review soon and for the film to hit DVD in the U.S. in July. Meanwhile, we learned some info on the forthcoming "Black Devil Doll 2."

The sequel, if it happens (everything is dependent on the success of "Black Devil Doll 1"), will be set in space, according to producer Shawn Lewis.

Sounds like an excellent concept for a horror comedy featuring this absolutely hilarious new horror character. Again, we will get our review of "Black Devil Doll" up in a couple days -- but this film is an absolutely hilarious, politically incorrect gore fest in the spirit of the best Troma movies.

The film also had a premiere at the New Beverly that apparently went over very well. It's the ultimate drunken party movie. That's all I can say about it before my review is finished.

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