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May 10, 2009 Just out on DVD in the UK (and out for about a month in the U.S.), "Timecrimes" was easily one of the best horror/sci-fi films in recent memory. (Check out our review here). The man behind the film, director Nacho Vigalondo, was kind enough to speak to ESplatter about how it came into being and what's next on his horizon.

ESplatter: How did you come up with the idea for 'Timcerimes'?

Five years ago I wasn't sure I could ever make a feature film. I started writing this story. I I had any hope, I would tried to make something that could fit with Spanish industry (we don't have any kind of sci-fi tradition). Then, the Oscar thing came and surprisingly, I turned into someone that could make an actual movie. Then, I decided Timecrimes would be the one.

ESplatter: Do you think time travel is actually possible?

Science says that it's possible to travel to the future if we use an $incredibly huge amount of energy.

On the other hand, other theories say that its our consciousness what moves, not time. After all, we move to the future at the speed of one second per second., don't we? Maybe it's not about building the machine, but learning to change our time perspective.

ESplatter: If you could go back in time, is there anything you would change about the movie?

No! I think that every artist have to live with his good choices and his failures. If I could go back in time I would try to do something more useful, like killing Hitler or putting more boats into the Titanic.

ESplatter: Do you consider 'Timecrimes' a horror film or sci-fi film first?

I love genres, and I understand the most interesting thing about their rules is breaking and mixing it. The reason I fell in love with this film is that I could be consider, at the same time, a cold sci-fi tale, and a sexy and bloody giallo. Said that, I'd love to be close to horror and sci-fi all my career.

ESplatter: What I thought was interesting about 'Timecrimes' was how horrifying it made time travel.

Thank you! I wanted to make with time travel what Cronenberg did with teleportation in The Fly, one of my true favorites ever.

ESplatter: Many people associate time travel with 'Back to the Future' or 'Star Trek', but your film made it seem kind of like a crime against God. Hence, the nightmarish predicament of the character. Was that intentional?

My intention was not punish time travel, but the morals of the main character. He commits a silly sin (spying on a naked girl ), but his guilty feelings, the need of redemption make him do far more horrible things. That's something connected with our Catholic nature, I think.

ESplatter: With "Rec" and your movie, it seems like there is a renaissance in Spanish horror right now. Any idea why that's happening -- or is it something that people are just noticing?

From here, it's not so shining. Notice that my movie almost didn't have distribution. We sold international distribution and remake rights before we found someone that wanted to show the movie here! A bunch of cool genre moves have appeared together, but let's see if the Spanish industry can keep this situation going.

ESplatter: Who will be remaking your movie -- and what do you think about the ethics of making a remake?

Steve Zaillian produces and Tim Sexton (Children of men) writes! So far I don't know the name of the director or the cast. Since this is my first movie, and I haven't stopped being a film geek, this is SO cool.

ESplatter: What is your next movie?

I don't know yet what comes immediately next. My finished spec script is called The Ramp. It's a drama about a guy building a giant ramp for a car to jump onto a UFO. At the same time, I'm developing more projects. I don't know which one will appear faster... Maybe the violent comedy, maybe the creepy erotic thriller.

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