'I Know What You Did' Next on the Remake Chopping Block   

May 12, 2009 It's been a long time since Dark Castle produced a remake of an old William Castle film, but they've finally gotten around to it again. Patrick Lussier, who helmed the excellent "My Bloody Valentine 3D" remake, will now direct a redo of 1965's Joan Crawford film "I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are!" Todd Farmer, who wrote the "Valentine" redo, is also writing this one.

The screenplay for the original film was by William P. McGivern was based upon the 1964 novel "Out of the Dark" by Ursula Curtiss. William Castle directed it. The concept was quite good: When two mischievous teens randomly dial telephone numbers and tell whomever answers, "I saw what you did, and I know who you are," they of course wind up accidentally calling a man who has recently murdered his wife. Things go bad from there. A trailer advised that some theaters had seat belts installed for people "who might be scared out of their seats."

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