Hilarious Condemnation of 'Black Devil Doll' in Florida   

May 13, 2009 Tampa, Florida is a really great town and, indeed, "Black Devil Doll" will be screening there this week. So a local columnist out there has decided to guarantee the movie a sell out crowd by singing it out for livid condemnation. Check out the amazing column here. And if this doesn't make you want to see "Black Devil Doll," what else would?

You can of course check out our favorable review right here. The Tampa Bay writer, Steve Pershall, movie critic for the St. Petersburg Times, blasts the film, just by viewing the trailer. His column is too good to be true:

An independently produced movie is playing in St. Petersburg tonight. I won't tell you where because that would just send more people to see or protest it, and that might lead to trouble that, honestly, the city doesn't need, in light of its history of racial unease.

The intended audience knows what and where it is. There's a sturdy grapevine among sickos.

If this loathsome movie -- judging from the trailer, which I would post but tampabay.com prohibits displaying gratuitous racism, sexism, gore, nudity and profanity -- played in a conventional theater, and for a longer engagement, maybe I would steer folks there.

Grudgingly, and only for the chance that it might be shut down, hopefully without incident.

But I get the feeling that folks behind this one-time presentation are baiting me and I won't play into it. They want me to help increase ticket sales and quite possibly set off a protest that can be marketed into a greater haul at other such screenings and on DVD. I don't wish to assist such a cynical, possibly dangerous plan.

The movie is titled Black Devil Doll, in which a demonic, Chucky-style doll with a big Afro and Dolemite diction spews derogatory comments toward women as he rapes, beats and slashes them. That's about all you need to know about the plot.

Black Devil Doll is directed by California filmmaker Jonathan Lewis, who is identified in the trailer as having "been labeled a self-hating Negro." The other n-word is heard a lot in only four minutes. When a woman asks the puppet why he says it so often, it replies: "B----, I say n----- over a hundred times a day. It's the only thing that keeps my teeth white."

That's the level of entertainment here.

Indeed it is. And if you want to see this incredible movie in Tampa Bay, all you need to do is head here for tonight's screening (that would be Wednesday May 13). This is exactly the kind of condemnation more horror movies should be getting these days instead of pulling their punches and falling prey to political correctness. Bravo to the Lewis Brothers!

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