Oliver Stone 'Helter Skelter' Film Too Good to Be True   

May 28, 2009 It turns out the rumored Oliver Stone "Helter Skelter" film was in fact too good to be true, after all. Turns out former Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Buliosi is at work on another Manson-related film project.

Here's the word from someone involved in the project, which is entitled "Taming the Beast" -- the story of Charles Manson's life in prison:

I saw the article about Oliver Stone & Vincent Bugliosi doing a "Helter Skelter" remake, but discovered that it isn't true - according to Stone's production company, Ixtlan Corporation and Creative Artists Agency, Stone's agent; and Vince's wife ( I've spoken with the Bugliosis several times over the phone for the past few years).

Vince Bugliosi IS attached to "Taming the Beast", my company is developing the project and I adapted the screenplay from the book. Vince and I have had several conversations about it over the years, and Dary Matera and Ed George (co-authors of the book "Taming the Beast: Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars") approved having Vince involved.

Here's info about the project:


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