The Return of Remakepalooza: All the Latest Horror Remake News   

June 3, 2009 Here's news on the "Hellraiser" redo and a remake of "Scream"!

First, "Scream." Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Kevin Williamson is not writing "Scream 4" -- but in fact "Scream," remake of the 1995 film that made a household name of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Yeah, pretty sad, but true.

And here's the latest on"Hellraiser." Pascal Laugier is no longer directing. Perhaps Dimension Films read ESplatter's review of his film "Martrys" and decided against having him helm the restart of Clive Barker's most famous horror franchise. Who knows. ....

Finally, Lionsgate's remake of "Happy Birthday to Me" will be in ... 3D! Joining the trend started by "My Bloody Valentine 3D" and continued with "Piranha 3D", "Birthday" will likely be better than the film it is based on.

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