Eli Roth Jumps Into 'Funhouse' Remake   

June 10, 2009 Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse" was a solid, albeit a bit slow, slasher movie from 1981. Reports out this evening have Eli Roth set to remake it -- now that his "Cell" movie is apparently on indefinite hiatus.

Fangoria reports that Roth is in talks to direct the film for Universal. “I’m talking with Universal about that one,” Roth says. “THE FUNHOUSE is a movie where the first half is brilliant—they set up these great characters—and then they pay off none of them. You have Marco the Magician sawing his daughter in half, the brothers who run the carnival and the funhouse setting. And then it’s all about this weird mutant thing. It should be about the kids getting killed in horrible ways, put in different contraptions in the funhouse and the final girl being strapped into the ride and sent into the tunnels to be confronted by terrifying tableaux of her dead friends. A smart remake could be so much fun. Kill the kids in fabulous ways and continually reuse the bodies by making them freaks in the freak museum, sew their eyes shut, waxworks… That’s the stuff I want to do in a remake of THE FUNHOUSE.”

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