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June 10, 2009 "Trick R Treat" is hitting DVD this Fall. But it's also due for a very limited theatrical release in the late summer and fall. Well, limited may even be a bit of an overstatement. And it's now got its own comic book.

Here's where you can catch it on the big screen, and when:

* FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL, Montreal, Canada July 9-27
* TORONTO AFTER DARK, Toronto, Canada August 14-21
* FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL - Berlin, Hamburg, Koln, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuggart, and Munich Germany - August 18-September 9, 2009
* FANTASTIC FEST, Austin Texas, September 24-October 1
* SCREAMFEST, Los Angeles, California - October 16-25

There are also apparently limited theatrical shows in additional places in July.

Meanwhile, a graphic novel based on the anthology horror movie will hit stores October 7, and Slashfilm has posted some pages from it. Check 'em out here.

Well, it's great to know that this movie will finally see the light of day, on DVD for most of us. We've been writing about it at ESplatter for a couple years now. Mike Dougherty, who co-wrote "Superman Returns" and the rather awful "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary", directed the anthology horror film, produced by Bryan Singer.

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