'Friday the 13th Part II' to be a Winter Wonderland   

June 15, 2009 A "Friday the 13th" film set during the wintertime has been rumored for half a decade at least. The idea is a very cool one: Jason strikes partiers at Camp Crystal Lake during the snowbound months, given a new look and feel to the activities without changing the setting altogether.

Well, a snow flurry of reports from the set of the currently filming "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake confirm that the sequel will be set in a snowy Camp Crystal Lake. Rumors of a potential 3D sequel have also been poo pooed with Platinum Dunes execs saying it would be too expensive.

Hopefully the sequel will be more of a straight ahead "Friday the 13th" film -- not a remake, just an "F13" movie. And the snowbound concept is excellent because it's never been done before and it isn't as elaborate or ridiculous as sending Jason into space.

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