Tomorrow: A Tribute to Dick Smith: The Godfather of Special Makeup Effects   

June 16, 2009 Taking place tomorrow, June 17, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, a Tribute to Dick Smith will honor the make-up effects legend behind "Scanners" and "Altered States."

Robert De Niro’s Mohawk in “Taxi Driver,” Linda Blair’s satanic transformation in “The Exorcist,” Marlon Brando’s jowls in “The Godfather” and F. Murray Abraham’s deterioration in “Amadeus” all have one artistic hand in common, that of the makeup effects master Dick Smith. Smith’s creation of new makeup techniques throughout his career not only transformed the art of motion picture makeup, but inspired a new generation of makeup and visual effects artists who have embraced him as a true visionary and mentor. Smith’s work on the “Old Salieri” makeup for “Amadeus” (1984) earned him an Oscar and he received an additional nomination for his makeup work on “Dad” (1989).

Scheduled Panelists
Linda Blair (Actress, “The Exorcist,” “Exorcist II: The Heretic”)
Hal Holbrook (Actor, “Mark Twain Tonight!,” “Into the Wild”)

Makeup Effects Artists
Greg Cannom (“Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”)
Andrew Clement (“Cloverfield,” “Star Trek”)
Mike Elizalde (“Hellboy,” “Land of the Lost”)
Carl Fullerton (“The Silence of the Lambs,” “American Gangster”)
Kazuhiro Tsuji (“Click,” “Angels and Demons”)

Visual Effects Artists
Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. (Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.)
Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant, Lindsay MacGowan and Alan Scott (Legacy Effects/Stan Winston Studio)

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