Filming of 'Wicker Tree' Begins   

July 17, 2009 It was once called "Cowboys for Christ." Now Robin Hardy's follow up to his 1973 Christopher Lee starrer "The Wicker Man" has a name that ties it more to that classic film: "The Wicker Tree."

Somehow a Wicker Tree just doesn't seem quite as menacing as a burning wicker man. The Edinburgh Times reports that filming has officially started.

FILMING for a sequel to cult horror movie The Wicker Man has begun around Edinburgh.
The cast and crew of The Wicker Tree will shooting at locations including Haddington, the Pentland Hills and Penicuik House.

The film features rising American star Brittania Nicol, and comes 36 years after Edward Woodward and Britt Ekland starred in the original film.

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