'Black Devil Doll' Tie In Novel?   

July 23, 2009 This may be the craziest news we've heard all day. On the heels of an upcoming DVD release of the excellent "Black Devil Doll" comes news that the film is being adapted into a paperback novelization!

Say the producers:

Coming this August, a Black Devil Doll movie tie-in paper back Novel! Written by Stephen Romano, based on the screenplay by Mitch Mayes and Shawn Lewis, with an introduction by Louis Fowler!

We just finished reading the final draft of the book over the weekend and it's a fucking masterpiece, the perfect companion to the movie, a real one-two punch of entertainment. Romano has managed to take our toilet humor script to another level of lowness. Its shocking, hilarious, and guaranteed to jolt you with ten thousand volts of pure sleaze and touch you deeply in places we promise you NEVER wanted to be touched!

Meanwhile, the DVD is due to hit stores October 27:

The DVD is jam-packed with special features and extras; five audio commentaries, behind the scenes shit, footage from our theatrical screenings, trailers, three Black Devil Doll animation shorts, and more! Plus each DVD comes with a FREE bonus mini fold out poster!

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