Fessenden Entering the 'Orphanage' Remake   

August 5, 2009 The Guillermo del Toro-produced "The Orphanage" is clearly a film that doesn't need a remake. But a remake is of course in the offing. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Larry Fessenden has been signed to direct it.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Filmmaker Larry Fessenden, a veteran of the low-budget horror world, has signed on to direct "The Orphanage," a remake of the Guillermo del Toro-produced Spanish-language horror movie.

Fessenden also has written the script for the New Line project with del Toro, who is on board as a producer. Del Toro and Fessenden know each other from the horror circuit, with del Toro's admiration of Fessenden's work leading him to handpick him for the directing gig.

The original 2007 picture, directed by del Toro protege Juan Antonio Bayona, centered on a woman who, upon returning to the orphanage where she grew up, discovers that her son's imaginary friend is the same person who terrorized her when she was a child. It grossed $71 million internationally, but just $7 million in North America.

In addition to 1996's "Habit" (read our review), a film he also starred in, and in 2006 directed "The Last Winter" with frequent del Toro actor Ron Perlman.

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