'Audition' Is Heading to Blu-Ray   

August 12, 2009 Shout! Factory announced that Takashi Miike's "Audition" is hitting 2-disc special edition DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 6. The new edition features an introduction with director Miike and star Eihi Shiina, newly-recorded audio commentary with Miike and screenwriter Daisuke Tengan, new interviews with cast members Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina, Renji Ishibashi and Ren Osugi, international trailers and a booklet.

The new editions of the film are mastered from a new 1080p high definition transfer from the inter-negative, and feature a new 5.0 digital soundtrack mixed from the original Japanese audio elements. It should be noted that it is rare for Miike to do a commentary.

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