The Greatest Horror Movie Event of the Year!   

August 29, 2009 On September 11-12, 2009, The Riverside Drive-In Theatre in Vandgergrift, PA will host "Drive-In Super Monster-Rama". This drive-in event will present two big nights and an amazing lineup of excellent horror films, vintage trailers and short subjects, all in 35mm. If you live back east, you absolutely owe it to yoruself to check this thing out. The coolest thing of all: You can camp at the drive in!

It boasts an incredible lineup of drive-in titles. From the official press release:

Relive the classic days of drive-in glory! On September 11, the films will be WITCHFINDER GENERAL, SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN, THE CRIMSON CULT and TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE. Saturday September 12 will be an all Hammer Films night with THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, THE 7 BROTHERS MEET DRACULA, THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA and VAMPIRE CIRCUS. For more information, visit and

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