Assorted Horror Movie News Briefs   

September 22, 2009 ESplatter editor Lucius Gore has been a little too busy lately -- getting a little behind on the news it seems. So here's a roundup of most of the pertinent news items of the past several days at least. ...

Dreamworks has purchased rights to "Xombie," the online animated horror series. Look for a major movie sometime this century. ... Warner Bros. is now working on a remake to "The Hunger."

Patrick Lussier has officially been confirmed as director of "Halloween 3D" for Dimension Films. ... The trailer for "A Nightmare on Elm Street" remake will screen in front of "Zombieland" October 2. ... An official Web site has been launched for The Elm Street Legacy, a new documentary on the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series from the makeres of "His Name Was Jason." ...

Boris Kodjoe, who is starring in the forthcoming "Surrogates" sci-fil film, confirmed on his Twitter page that he will be in "Resident Evil 4: Afterlife," the 3D fourth "Resident Evil" film. ...

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