November News Roundup   

November 12, 2009 We took a little break over the first week of the month, recovering from a long Halloween hangover. In any case, here's a roundup of news we neglected to cover. Doesn't look like we missed that much.

Oren Peli, high off the awesome success of his "Paranormal Activity," has a new movie in development. "Area 51" will center on three teens that enter the fabled military base and apparently run into alien horrors. ... JJ Abrams is no longer adapting Stephen King's "The Dark Tower." Stephen King, meanwhile, is promising yet another entry in his series -- in book form at least. ...

UK paranoid horror film "Triangle," starring Melissa George, will hit DVD stores in the U.S. February 2. ... Ti West's "House of the Devil" hits DVD February 2. ... Despite tanking at the box office "Saw VI" still has a 3D sequel. "Saw VII 3D" has been announced for a Halloween 2010 release. ... Marti Nixon, writer of AMC's "Mad Men," will be writing the remake of "Fright Night." ... And Dante Harper is writing "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" for director Tommy Wirkola, who helmed "Dead Snow." The film is about what happens to Hansel and Gretel after they become adults -- yeah, they hunt witches.

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