'Vampyres' Announced for Blu-Ray   

November 25, 2009 Blue Underground is slowly cranking outs its catalog in the Blu-Ray format. One of its prize titles, the classic erotic vampire film "Vampyres" by Joseph Larraz, has just been announced.

Reports DVDActive:

lue Underground has announced a Blu-ray release of Vampyres for March 30th. Retail will be around $29.95. Blue Underground will present the film in a "stunning new High Definition transfer" that restores all of the controversial gore footage missing from other versions. Extras will include commentary with Director José Ramón Larraz and Producer Brian Smedley-Aston, Interviews with Stars Marianne Morris and Anulka, the international trailer, and the U.S. trailer.

Picture quality on Blue Underground Blu-Ray titles has been mixed. Hopefully this one will be given an excellent transfer.

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