Assorted Horror Movie News Droppings for December 9   

December 9, 2009 The "Night of the Demons" trailer, "Wolfman" rating, "Resident Evil 4" release and more.

"Wolfman," starring Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins, has been Rated R for "bloody horror, violence and gore." It hits screens February 12. ...

The official site for Darren Bousman's "Mother's Day" remake has opened up and you can check it out here.... A prequel to Norwegian horrors "Cold Play" and "Cold Play 2" is in the works and should hit theaters in that country in 2010 -- and probably hit DVD here sometime in 2011. ... "Resident Evil: Afterlife," first of the 3D new trilogy of films in the franchise, has been pushed to January 14, 2011. ....

The trailer for the 2010 "Night of the Demons" remake hit the Web last month. Looks about as low budget as the original.

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