'Alien' Blu Rays in 2010?   

December 14, 2009 Things have been quiet for horror fans on the Blu-Ray front. So many amazing catalog titles have yet to make it into the format, not the least of which is 1979's "Alien." Well, Sigourney Weaver let it slip in an interview with the L.A. Times that she's recording commentaries for upcoming Blu Rays.

Word out on the street is that they will hit stores mid to late 2010. The prospect of the original "Alien" in high-def is mouth watering. It's been in the format on cable, as has "Aliens." Both looked quite spectacular.

Here's what she had to tell the Times:

In the meantime, Weaver has been living in the future by promoting “Avatar” and getting ready to revisit her past – she will be sitting down in the weeks to come to watch all of “Alien” films as part of the process of recording commentary for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the four-film franchise.

“I’ve never done that, watched all of them in a row,” Weaver said. “I just recently made my [19-year-old] daughter watch them. She had never seen them before, believe it or not. I think she just prefers to think of me as good ol’ mom, you know, not some person running around a spaceship with a flamethrower.”

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