Vote for Your Favorite Films of 2009 -- Win a 'Paranormal Activity' Prize Pack!   

December 31, 2009 Here's a great way to contribute to the world's knowledge base of horror movies -- and get a chance to win an absolutely collectible, one-of-a-kind "Paranormal Activity" scare kit. All you have to do is vote for your favorite horror films of 2009 to qualify for the pack. The sixth person to send in their vote, wins the pack!

Here's what the scare kit contains:

Baby Powder
Ouija Board
Satin Sleep Mask
Barrel Sling Duffel bag

Now as some of you know, almost every year we at Esplatter ask readers to submit their Top 10 favorite films of the year. We then tally the results. Nominees are films released to U.S. theaters or debuting (i.e., no major theatrical release) on DVD in 2009 -- not films released in Europe or debuting at film festivals this year. For instance, "Trick R Treat" qualifies, even though many people saw it at festival screenings years ago. So does "Paranormal Activity" (Note: You don't have to select "Paranormal" to qualify for the pack.)

Your top movie in the list (your pick as the No. 1 horror film of the year) will be given 10 points. The second film on their list will be given 9 points, and so on, until the 10th on the list received 1 point. Email your list to ESplatter editor Lucius Gore at . Then we'll tally all the results, and gauge what ESplatter readers felt the top films of 2008 were. This is the best way to gauge what the best films were since a movie that receives a ton of Number 1 and Number 2 rankings can still actually become the Number 1 film. In short, you don't just get a single vote.

If you want to compete for the prize pack, please include your mailing address in the email. The sixth unique person to submit at least one vote for a film WINS the prize pack! If you don't want the prize pack, but just want to vote submit without address.

Please email your 10 picks by January 1. We'll be compiling the winners the first week of January.

Sample "nominees" for the year include:

House of the Devil
Martyrs (released in the U.S. in 2009)
Friday the 13th - the remake
Drag Me to Hell
The Final Destination
Black Devil Doll
Book of Blood
Trick R Treat
The Children
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Eden Lake
Paranormal Activity

But feel free to select any horror film released in the U.S. in 2009.

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