Brian De Palma May Direct 'Paranormal Activity 2'   

February 25, 2010 It has been far too long since Brian De Palma directed a horror movie -- or any movie for that matter. The helmer of the original "Carrie," "Sisters" and "Dressed the Kill" left the genre to direct mainstream films but hasn't been busy lately. Now, he may be tapped to direct the apparently high-budget sequel to the megasmash "Paranomral Activity."

The LA Times reports:

When it comes to "Paranormal Activity," nothing should surprise us anymore. This was a movie that was shot for $10,000 and became a $100-million-plus box-office powerhouse. And it did all that with no stars and no brand pedigree -- just a brilliant "America demanded it" marketing campaign.

So the fact that a number of emerging genre directors are being considered to direct the second picture in the haunted-house franchise (tentatively titled "Paranormal Activity 2" but probably soon to be renamed) makes perfect sense.

More eerie, though, is that the studio is now seriously considering a trio of more experienced directors. And one of them is a person who'll really get your weird-o-meter spinning: Brian De Palma.

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