Rare Horror Find of the Week - 'Vampire Circus' on Netflix Streaming   

September 24, 2010 "Vampire Circus" is finally due for a Blu-Ray and DVD release in the U.S. at the end of the year. But if you absolutely can't wait to see this film in high-def, Netflix has the film available as a streaming rental now -- in high def.

Of course, you need a player that's compatible with Netflix to play the film on your widescreen TV -- such as an LG BD570 or BD590 player. But if you do, and you subscribe to the cheap $8 Netflix plan, you can see Vampire Circus in widescreen high-def now.

It's a film that's long been unavailable to American viewers. Although Netflix says it's "PG" in the description, there's no doubt they are hosting the R-rated European cut of the film.

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