October 2010 a Big Month for Horror on Blu-Ray   

October 13, 2010 Blu-Ray still hasn't taken over as much as the film industry wished it would have, but as more content becomes available, more of us will have a reason to plunk down two hundred bucks for a player.

Well, this month, a decent number of new horror titles are reaching the format for the first time, not the least of which is the entire "Alien" series. Granted, there should be more hitting stores, but the way things work with these new video formats is they like to slowly dole out content over the years.

It's starting to feel like 1999 again, when the DVD format first emerged, and we slowly, patiently had to wait for films to be released in the format. Two of the first titles to make it were "The Exorcist" and the "Alien" films. We had to wait patiently for "Suspiria," "Deep Red," the Hammer films, the Roger Corman Poe films. History is repeating itself again it seems.

Last week, "The Blair Witch Project" (which probably didn't need a release since it was shot on video anyway), "Grindhouse", "The Exorcist", "Wolf Creek" and "High Tension" hit Blu-Ray for the first time. On October 19, the original "Psycho" finally hits high-def store shelves.

"Magic", the original "killer doll" movie with Anthony Hopkins, hits Blu-Ray on October 12.

And on October 26, the entire "Alien" series hits shelves in high-def for the very first time. The picture quality on these releases is particularly magnificent. And that same day, William Lustig's infamous shocker "Maniac," starrring Joe Spinnell and Caroline Munroe, gets its first high definition release from Blue Underground.

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